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Casey Bard

casey-deadlift-150x150I’ve worked with young guys to elderly groundbreakers; and I’ve always found one thing… All too often a “coach” has one facet of training nailed down, but lacks in all of the others. This is what has kept me coming back to Todd. His knowledge continues on past the typical parameters that other coaches have made for themselves and touches all facets of my training needs

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TC Luoma

Todd sent me an article for the T Nation site and I forwarded it to my assistant editor with the simple but mysterious note, “BBB.” He wrote back and asked me, “What’s BBB standfor?”  “Simple,” I replied, “Bumgardner Be Badass.” That’s all he needed to know.

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Michael Ranfone, CSCS, LMT, ART

michael_ranfone-150x150I have had the pleasure of familiarizing myself with Todd and his work over the past year and I can state unequivocally that he represents the best of the what the Sports Performance industry has to offer. Todd has at his disposal a tremendous depth of knowledge from many years of academic involvement and countless hours of first hand athletic pursuits, he is an incredible resource for any coach, parent or athlete. What really separates Todd from the rest is his infectious attitude and tireless disposition towards being the best Coach possible, every service and product he offers is delivered with unparalleled pride, passion and commitment to ensure the highest quality possible. Todd has already raised the bar for so many of the people he has worked with and it is only a matter of time before he does the same for the Sports Performance Profession.

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Joe Whitney

481932_10151004720000748_1674265489_nOnce I decided I wanted to do my firstgeared powerlifting meet I began searching the internet for meet prep training schedules. I had no idea how to implement gear into training, nor did I have anyone locally that could really help mewith schedule. I was completely lost, but I was lucky enough to have Todd offer a hand.

The first week Todd immediately identified my weaknesses and began to address them. He scheduled mefor 7 weeks of “raw” training to prepare my mind and body for the gear. During that 7 weeks he had me doing a ton of mobility work, which was something I was truly lacking and it was holding me back. Mainly because I didn’t know how to address mobility, but with Todd’s help I was soon able to open my hips wider and with the upper back mobility I no longer had shoulder pain while benching.

After the weeks of “raw” training he slowly eased me into the gear, and since the gear was new he helped me break it in properly. Along the way he also opened my eyes up to many new training moves. I felt like I knew most of the supplemental exercises surrounding powerlifting, but Todd proved that I was wrong. With a ton of variation, proper deloading, addressing of my weaknesses, and the knowledge provided on making intelligent weekly training goals I was getting better week to week with both strength and speed development.

By the end of the meet cycle I had achieved many PR’s in training along the way. I couldn’t be happier that I was lucky enough to have such a knowledgeable trainer/mentor such as Todd help me achieve every one of my goals for the meet

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Dr. Justin Rabinowitz

548572_375544529208848_1936134507_nOver the past few years I have had the chance to get to know Todd. First, as a colleague who I would spend hours talking to and bouncing ideas off of in order to better myself as a Doctor and manual therapist. Rather than tell you how impressed I was let me tell you that I then hired him as my own coach. Todd has been writing my programs for months now, helping me personally reach my fitness and health goals. Finally, and most importantly Todd had become a close friend of which I value most of all.
I am excited to see how Todd changes the fitness game in the future. is merely the next step in that process. I can't wait to see what he has in store for us all.