Michael Ranfone, CSCS, LMT, ART

I have had the pleasure of familiarizing myself with Todd and his work over the past year and I can state unequivocally that he represents the best of the what the Sports Performance industry has to offer. Todd has at his disposal a tremendous depth of knowledge from many years of academic involvement and countless hours of first hand athletic pursuits, he is an incredible resource for any coach, parent or athlete. What really separates Todd from the rest is his infectious attitude and tireless disposition towards being the best Coach possible, every service and product he offers is delivered with unparalleled pride, passion and commitment to ensure the highest quality possible. Todd has already raised the bar for so many of the people he has worked with and it is only a matter of time before he does the same for the Sports Performance Profession.

Erika C.

A lot of us probably read about and research working out as much as we actually work.  At least that is the case for me.  Earlier this year I came across an article in T-Nation that really seemed to speak to me directly. It was by Todd Bumgardner and I could tell he knew his stuff.  I had recently started a dedicated weight lifting program.  This was my first experience with a fulltime program, not just dinking around aimlessly without any real goals.   However, I was also deeply committed to a lot of well established workout habits that contradicted any hope of getting stronger.  That’s where I needed a coach like Todd.

I wrote to him after reading his article. I knew I was going to need some help if I wanted this program to work as intended. Even though we wound up being across the country from each other — I’m in Seattle and he’s as east of eden as it gets — he responded immediately.  Luckily he was tech savvy and after a good bit of email, phone and internet chat, we developed a plan. We share an online spreadsheet of my daily workout.  I write out what I have planned and he comments.  He is always available, accessible, encouraging and above all committed. I’m thousands of miles away, we’ve never met in person, yet he probably knows more about my sport psychology/pathologies than my mom.  His experience with his own training demons and his other clients have helped me understand where I need to focus my efforts if i want to see real change.

So keep doing what you’re doing if you think it’s working for you. Otherwise, you’re going to need to accept a little (or a lot of) change for the better, seek his professional advice and trust it.

Casey Bard

I’ve worked with young guys to elderly groundbreakers; and I’ve always found one thing… All too often a “coach” has one facet of training nailed down, but lacks in all of the others. This is what has kept me coming back to Todd. His knowledge continues on past the typical parameters that other coaches have made for themselves and touches all facets of my training needs

James Smith, CSCS

What can I say about my good friend Todd?  The dude is ALL heart!  He is a great coach who really cares about all of his athletes.  His has drive, determination and that ‘always a student’ mindset that sets him apart from others in the industry.  He is driven to learn the latest information around athletic development and it really shows in the results he gets with his programs.  That is why I regularly consult with him when I need a new perspective or when I need his advice

TC Luoma

Todd sent me an article for the T Nation site and I forwarded it to my assistant editor with the simple but mysterious note, “BBB.” He wrote back and asked me, “What’s BBB standfor?”  “Simple,” I replied, “Bumgardner Be Badass.” That’s all he needed to know.