Neural Charge Monday!

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“Does anyone at your job ever say they have a case of the Mondays?”

“No, shit no, man. I believe you’d get your ass kicked for something like that.”

As well they should. If you’re not privy, the exchange above is from the movie Office Space. No one wants to be around some drag ass that drops negativity like a hot load of whatever-excrement-you-so-choose at the beginning of a new week.

The source of that negativity, however, is often fatigue. Fools just need to wake up.

I have your Monday wake up right here. Try this neural charge workout to start your week off right:

RKC Plank x :05

Box Jump x 3

Plyo Push-up x 5

Vertical Jump x 2

ISO Lunge x :15/side

Circuit these exercises for 10-15 minutes. Make sure you rest fully between exercises. When you feel good and awake, cut the session.

These type of light, power training exercises stimulate the nervous system, charging us up to take on the day/workout/whatever you want, man.


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